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Unlock Your Psychological Potential: Gain Momentum

Hey there, fellow dreamers and performers! My friend today we are going to discuss something very important which is understanding the power of momentum. But let’s start our day with an amazing quotation, which says, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. _Nelson Mandela. My friend, Nelson Mandela’s journey which he has done to get freedom and leadership is proof of the power of momentum. He faced many challenges and setbacks in his life, but he ultimately achieved all of his goals, and he also inspired millions in the world. Always remember, momentum is the driving force which is behind the success. You can see that it is the energy that can lead you forward and it can also help you to overcome the challenges and you would be able to achieve all of your goals through having momentum. But here comes the question of how you can spark your momentum and how you can harness it. My friend, buckle up because you are going to explore the answers to the questions in this article.

The Science of Motivation

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. The key is to find your why, your purpose, and use that to drive your motivation.” This is an amazing quotation by Jim Rohn. He has talked about the quotation, ‘When you know your why, you’ll find your way.’ Always remember, that motivation is the initial part that can set your momentum in motion. You know our brains work great when they get any kind of reward it is very normal. Let me explain to you how it works. When we achieve any kind of victory, whether it is small or Big, our brain releases a hormone, which is called dopamine. It is a new neurotransmitter, which can drive motivation. Now, you have also experienced that when rewarding you for your work or whenever someone just says a few positive words about your work you get motivation and then you feel like you have to do it more in a good way. If you want to tap into this, always remember to break down your large goals into smaller goals which are also achievable tasks. Now, let’s see how it works. my friend, if you want to write a novel then, of course, you can’t write the whole novel in one day. To write the whole novel you will break your task into smaller ones. If you want to write the complete novel by the end of the month, then you will focus on writing every 5 to 10 pages a day, and if it is not possible then 2 to 3 pages per day is enough. And gradually you will write your whole novel. Now, if you have written your half of the novel, then celebrate because this is also a success that you have got and you have worked so hard to get that. Whatever your goal is try to celebrate success along the way.

The Role of Dopamine

My friend, you need to understand what is dopamine. Dopamine is a Neurotransmitter, or in easy words, you can say which is of motivation. It gives us motivation that takes us towards the action that we take to fulfill our goals. As Dr. Daniel Amen says, “Dopamine is the brain’s reward system, and when we achieve small wins, it releases a burst of dopamine, motivating us to continue working towards our goals.” This is a reward system of our brain. That happiness we get and reward for achieving those small victories is called dopamine.

The Power of Small Wins

My friend, you need to understand that not only does the big victory matter but also the small victories or the winds you get are the advantage that you get for yourself. The small victory or when you are getting is half of the way to your success. As Charles Duhigg quotes in his book ‘The Power of Habit, “Habits are the invisible threads that weave our lives together.” my friend, always remember that if you achieve small wins, you will build momentum, and you will create a sense of progress that will lead you forward in the life. Because everything you do matters even a small dot you draw on a paper counts if you are learning the sketching. Everything begins with a small thing, and then it leads you towards the biggest success. so, small build momentum, and it will lead you towards the big achievable dreams.

The Power of Habit

This article explores the science behind momentum and how to build it to achieve your goals.

My friend always remembered that the small wins that we are talking about are the application of a small advantage. Now let’s see how the statement I have written is true. According to. Charles Duhigg, wrote in his book ‘The Power of Habit,’ that, “Habits are the invisible threads that weave our lives together.'” My friend, basically the small wins create the habit of doing something. For example, if you want to do something like you want to learn a new skill you will and wish that you could learn that in a day course, you will lose your motivation. If you do a daily basis, then it will create a habit in you. Always remember that habits are the building blocks of momentum. By achieving that goal or task every day, it will be a victory for you that will build a momentum menu. you will create a consistent routine; you can have the power of habit that can lead you forward in achieving success. Always try to identify the areas you want to build momentum and create a habit plan to support your goals.

The Science of Habit Formation

My friend, now let me clear to you that the word science came in between forming your habit. The habits are formed through the process which is called long-term potentiation. It is the thing where your brain creates a new connection between the neurons. As Dr. Joe Dispenza quotes, “When we repeat a behavior, our brain creates a new pathway, making it easier to repeat the behavior in the future.” This quotation was presented in this article to make it more clear how exactly science plays a role in forming the habit. If you do a task and you will repeat it daily, then your brain will automatically create a new way to make it easier to repeat that task in the future. For example, if you do 15 minutes of exercise daily, then your brain will be habitual of getting that task, and the tiredness you are getting on the first day you won’t get every day, Because the brain creates a new connection between the neutrons.

The Power of Consistency

This article explores the science behind momentum and how to build it to achieve your goals.

Always remember that you always have to be consistent in doing any of the things. Because the main key to building momentum is consistency. As Tony Robbins quotes “The past does not equal the future, unless you live there.” This simply means that the past you have already spent doesn’t mean that your future will be the same as that. The future is yet to come, so don’t think that if you have faced any kind of challenge in having consistency, you won’t be able to do it in the future. If you want to diet or exercise or you want to start a business then start today. It doesn’t matter if you have faced any kind of failure in the past. practice again, learn from your past, and write the successful future from your own hands.

The Role of Neuroplasticity

My friend, always remember that the neurons that fire together are wired together. Now to understand what exactly that statement means let’s see the quotation of Donald Hebb, who says, “The brain is a highly adaptable organ, capable of reorganizing itself in response to new experiences.” my friend, always remember, that our brains are capable of re-organizing and adapting throughout the life. The process I have discussed above the brain being capable of re-organizing and adapting is called neuroplasticity. If you will challenge yourself and you will learn new skills, you will be able to rewire your brains to support momentum. Always try to welcome lifelong learning in your life and try to have new experiences in your life as well. It will keep your brain, adaptable and responsive. Trust me!

The Power of Neurogenesis

This article explores the science behind momentum and how to build it to achieve your goals.

My friend neurogenesis is the process that creates new neurons in the brain. We have already discussed the neurons in detail. Now let’s discuss what is neurogenesis. To make my statement clearer let’s see the kind words of, Dr. Daniel Amen. He quotes, that, “Exercise, meditation, and learning new skills can stimulate neurogenesis, improving cognitive function and supporting momentum.'”

The Role of Mindset

Always remember that in all of the above things that are mentioned the most valuable asset is your mindset. According to Carol Dweck, she quotes in her book ‘Mindset,’, “A growth mindset allows people to embrace challenges, persist in the face of obstacles, and see setbacks as opportunities for growth.” my friend always remembered that our mindset is very important to gain the momentum. If you have a growth mindset that welcomes challenges and sees failure as an opportunity for growth then you will be able to build momentum very easily. Always try to welcome a mindset of resilience and persistence. Remember that challenges are an opportunity to grow. Now, my friend, let’s see that why I said that challenges are an opportunity. When you lose something or you face any kind of challenge in your life like a loss in your business or you lose your job then you find the thing that you have done wrong in the past. Always remember that if one door closes for you and the other 10 doors open. So, learn from the challenge, recognize your mistakes, and move forward. Do it again without repeating the mistake and see the success and momentum you will gain.

To conclude, always remember, that if you want to gain momentum, then it is a psychological process that always requires understanding, motivation, habit, neuroplasticity, and mindset. If you will have these elements in yourself, you would be able to unlock your full potential and you would be able to achieve your goals. Always remember that momentum is a journey, not a destination so please keep pushing yourself forward and you will be amazed at what you have achieved in your life.

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